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Termine 2016

22.10. Frankfurt

Fantasy/SciFi-Autorengespräch und Lesung auf der Open Stage. Gemeinsam mit Andreas Brandhorst und Dan Wells. Beginn 16 Uhr.

22.10. Frankfurt

Signierstunde im Signier-Zelt an der Open Stage. Beginn 17 Uhr.

23.10. Frankfurt

Signierstunde am PIPER Stand, gemeinsam mit Dan Wells, Bernhard Hennen, Markus Heitz. Beginn 11 Uhr.

1.12. Berlin

Lesung in der 12 Grad Aetherloge (Frankfurter Allee 24, 0177 3141388, Beginn 20 Uhr.

Christoph Hardebusch


This is the international website of Christoph Hardebusch, writer of fantastic fiction. Here you can find some rudimentary information about me and my work.

A very short fragment of a biography

Christoph Hardebusch, born in 1974, studied English and media in Marburg and then worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency. His great interest in fantasy and history eventually inspired him to pursue his vocation as a writer. He now lives and works together with his wife in Heidelberg.

If you want to get in touch with me, please e-mail . You can also reach me via my Journal, Facebook or Twitter.

I gave up advertisement in favour of less fictional stories. Now I am mainly writing fantasy.

A bibliography in pictures

This is a collection of my selected works. Click on the covers for a short description (where available).

German Editions

Cover The Trolls Cover The Battle of the Trolls Cover The Anger of the Trolls Cover The War of the Trolls Cover The Dark Horde Cover Paperback The Trolls Cover Paperback The Battle of the Trolls Cover Paperback The Anger of the Trolls Trollblood Cover The Werewolves Cover Storm Worlds Cover Storm Worlds - Under Dark Sails Cover Storm Worlds - Beyond the Dragon Coast Cover Voices of Fire Cover Emperor of Shadows Cover Hardcover Smart Magic Cover Paperback Smart Magic Cover The Iron Crown Cover Justifiers - Missing in Action

International Editions

Cover Voices of Fire Cover I Troll Cover La guerra dei troll Cover L'impero del Mare Cover I Licantropi Cover Russian Trolls Cover Russian Battle of the Trolls Cover Russian Anger of the Trolls Cover Russian Werewolves Cover De Trollen Cover De Slag van de Trollen Cover Trolové


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